ABOUT US – ‘Rent a Sauna’

After 2 years of renting out the Porthole sauna in Tromsø we elevated “Rent a Sauna” to a proper business venture. We bought more trailers and built more saunas. We also founded the company Nordiac AS to provide the best service possible for our guests.
‘Rent a Sauna’ is operated by Nordiac AS

The Tromsø Sauna Rental is the “love child” of the local YouTube channel “North & Beyond“. Both of which are created by a couple of outlandish Entrepreneurs Henning and Sii. Watch below the episode: “Building a mobile Sauna” – we drove all the way to Finland to find the perfect wood stove and to experince a little bit the Finnish culture.

With Rent a Sauna being a side venture of North & Beyond, we want it to continue to follow our vision, and that is to bring adventure, curiosity and possibilities to the North of Norway… And beyond! With our sauna’s, we aim to make your trip to Tromsø and the surrounds the most memorable and unique experience you can imagine.

Picture the ground and mountains smothered in a thick blanket of pure white snow seeing them plummet into the depths of the still fjord, there is not a sound in the air. And you, and your friends and/or family sitting inside in a towel smelling birch burning in the fireplace lapping up the heat and steam in a mobile sauna, alone. All while the northern lights are dancing across the sun starved winter sky.
The dance of a lifetime just for you and yours….

Or the opposite in the summer, and a sauna at midnight while watching the energetic sun never tire as it just circles the top of the world…..

24 hr daylight…

So what are you waiting for? Stop wishing for it and book your experience of a lifetime. We are happy to help you by finding the right location for your private sauna adventure.

P.S.: Since we get so many questions about, how we are building our trailer saunas, check out this tutorial: “How to build a mobile Sauna”.