Nothing, we can provide you with all you need - firewood, towels and water. You can book the firewood and the towels as an extra when you do the booking. Water will always come with the sauna. Of course you can bring your own firewood and towels. Make sure you have 2 towels per person, one to sit on the other one to dry yourself.

Something that can be handy to bring: flip flops and something to drink.

The Porthole Sauna can fit up to 6 people comfortably. You have 2 long benches on each side and a brought aisle inbetween.

All our Saunas have a 16kw Harvia wood oven. The wood oven produces constant pleasant heat which is distributed by a refined airflow.

If you want to tow the sauna with your own car you need the drivers license 'BE' or the equivalent for a none European license. If you are not sure or you do not have this kind of license, let us know and we can tow the sauna for you.

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No, cleaning of the Sauna is included in the rental price. We have a strict cleaning protocol for our Saunas. The sauna is cleaned and sanitized after each booking.

All our Saunas have a hot water heater around the sauna pipe. You mix the hot water with cold and use a electrical pump for the shower inside the Sauna. The Saunas have a drain where the water will run out.

Depending on how much wood you are using in the oven - you will have a temperature between 70° - 110° C. You can regulate also the temperature with the airflow or by open the door.

You find the discounted rates for long term rental here. If you want to rent a Sauna longer then 2 weeks, get in contact with us and we can give you an offer. If you rented a camper van from our partner Arctic Campers in the same time we will give you a 10% discount on your Sauna rental.

If you need beside a sauna a place to hang out or change your cloths we are offering a big tent with an extra oven.

To have a safe Sauna experience you should always listen to your body - don't stay longer in the hot room as you body is capable of. Recommended times are 15 minute intervals with a good break in between. Make sure you drink enough during your stay in the Sauna. We do not recommend to drink alcohol when you are using the Sauna. The oven and water heater are very hot and should not be touched. In case of a fire, the Sauna has a fire extinguisher beside the door.

Yes, you have two USB ports to charge your phone. The same battery is also used for the outdoor and indoor LED lights. The Sauna has also a Bluetooth speaker and can be connected with your device.