Good to know

You pay the sauna online or when we do the hand over, either with cash, card or Vipps. You need to show a valid passport or driving licence when you sign the rental contract.

Sauna cleaning and charging battery are included.

The maximum distance for the delivery can only be 30km, for every additional Kilometer we charge 15kr.

If you want to book a sauna for multiple days, check the discounts we offer below.

Prices for a 1 day rental

24h rental (self-service):1.590 kr.*
24h rental (delivery / on location):2.890 kr.
Firewood (1 bag):195 kr.
Sauna towel p. person:150 kr.
* Weekend prices can vary and may differ by up to 200 kr per day.


01 DAY1.590 kr.2.890 kr.
02 DAYS2.690 kr.4.190 kr.
03 DAYS3.690 kr.5.190 kr.
04 DAYS4.490 kr.5.990 kr.
05 DAYS5.190 kr.6.890 kr.
06 DAYS5.890 kr.7.390 kr.
07 DAYS6.390 kr.7.890 kr.
08 DAYS6.790 kr.8.290 kr.
09 DAYS7.090 kr.8.590 kr.
10 DAYS7.290 kr.8.790 kr.
11 DAYS7.890 kr.9.390 kr.
12 DAYS8.590 kr.10.090 kr.
13 DAYS9.290 kr.10.790 kr.
14 DAYS9.990 kr.11.490 kr.