Gloria B.

December 2020 on Google

“We spent 6 days traveling around Tromsø with an Arctic Camper van and for the last evening we decided to rent the new portable sauna from them. Simon (the handy builder) drove it outside the city and placed it in front of the fjord in a parking area, great for privacy and to set our camp comfortably.
The sauna is a good size to fit up to 6 people and still have the delicious wooden smell of being new. After a helpful explanation, we were alone to enjoy the warmth and cozy time inside. Soon after, the sky started to glow green and decided to set our camera to capture the Northern Lights in the open sky while we watched through the windows (noticed the round window rescued from a ship).
After 3h of sauna, we mixed the warm water from the boiler to have a wonderful shower and dry ourselves with the towels provided.
This was such a unique and fantastic way to enjoy the Auroras while being sweating inside and relaxing after our exploring holidays. Totally recommended!!”

Since Gloria was our first Sauna guest, we asked her to write a review about her experience. She was happy to do so, she even sent us a small video from her Sauna Northern Lights evening by the Fjord – Thanks Gloria, great that you enjoyed it!